Gastro Tour Seoul introduced ‘K-Style Hub’ to the local expats in Seoul

The Korean Food Foundation has launched a brand new Korean Food promotional venue at the KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) Seoul building named ‘K-Style Hub’. This venue consists of a Story Telling floor, Experimental floor, and Buying floor.

First, on the third floor, there are many stories about hansik, Korean food, including ’24 jeolgi’, the 24 seasons of agriculture and the traditional clay jar. You can experience different aromas and flavors of an exhibit that was displayed at the Milan Expo 2015 in Italy, where people were able to learn about aging and fermentation.

Also, a Korean dining table including metal utensils, local ingredients, and more is displayed to teach foreigners more about Korean culture.

The fourth floor is an exciting place that looks like a traditional marketplace with herbal tea, drinks, and more. There is also space for 40 people to participate in a cooking class. This is the special feature of the building. In the beautiful kitchen and additional facilities, people can learn about Korean food and become experts in no time.

On April 22nd, Gastro Tour Seoul organized a special cooking class for foreigners residing in Korea at the request of the K-Style Hub. Participants were taught to cook bulgogi and bulgogi salad. They provided with steamed rice, rice cake for dessert, and beautiful dishes to serve the food. The meal was enjoyed in the adjacent dining room. In the dining room, free recipes and a wide variety of food-related books were available.

Visit K-Style Hub to learn about the Korean food we eat every day, but don’t know much about. You can’t miss to visit there to evoke the importance of Korean food ‘K-Style Hub’.

***** All the photos above are taken by Gastro Tour Seoul. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Veronica Kang