Five reasons to visit Seoullo 7017!

Seoul’s newest landmark and urban garden, Seoullo 7017, opened earlier this year in May. The one 1km long walkway stretches over the city, connecting different areas around Seoul’s main railway station. But why should you add Seoullo 7017 to your Seoul ‘To-Do’ list? Continue reading to find out!

1. See first-hand a celebrated work of architecture

The new Seoullo 7017 walkway used to be an abandoned overpass for cars, which was originally built in 1970. Instead of demolishing it, Seoul City Government decided to repurpose this overpass, and transform it into a pedestrian space for citizens. Thus, Seoul City Sky Park was born; better known as ‘Seoullo 7017’.

The walkway was modelled after New York’s High Line Sky Park, and is filled with no less than 200 different kinds of plants, including a magnolia garden and roses that bloom all year around.

The $71 million dollar project was executed by the ultra-creative Dutch design firm, MVRDV, and has been praised for its part in turning Seoul into a leading Asian city when it comes to Urban Park Design.

2. Experience Seoul’s ‘old and new’ together

The name Seoullo 7017 comes from the year the overpass was first constructed, and the year it was reopened. But there is more to it; the “17” also stands for the 17 unique sections on Seoullo 7017, and the fact that the pathway is situated 17m above the ground.

From the walkway you can see the new Seoul train station and, just next to it, the former Seoul train station (better known as ‘Culture Station Seoul 284’) which is now used as an exhibition hall. The construction of the former Seoul station was completed in 1925, and the red brick building has a Byzantine style central dome.

In addition to the old and new stations, visitors can experience a variety of modern architecture and traditional culture in the neighborhoods surrounding Seoullo 7017. The bustling Myeongdong shopping area, old Namdaemun and Dongdaemun markets, and little-known traditional district of Joongrim-dong, are all within walking distance.

3. The perfect gateway to the rest of the city

The areas connected by the Seoullo 7017 are Namdaemun Market, Myeongdong, Seoul Station, Joongrimdong and Mallidong, and provide many opportunities to see an abundance of attractions in the center of the city. There are many exits and entrances to Seoullo 7017, so feel free to explore different part of the walkway and its surrounding districts!

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4. It’s free! Free things to do on Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017 is the perfect spot to rest, play, see and eat. And the best thing? Much of it is free! Complimentary activities on offer at Seoullo 7017 include:

– Playgrounds for children. Half-way down Seoullo 7017 lies the ‘Bangbang playground’; a perfect spot for families with children. Look out for the free trampolines, and ‘Curiosity Treepots’ – round, little viewpoints offering a video-based experience of Seoul!

– Yunseul art installationl. Located towards Mallidong, the Yunseul art installation is a beautiful sculpture showing rippling, wave-like mirrors reflecting the sunlight. Be sure to take some cool photos here!

– Seoullo’s 7017 Relaxing Spots. An abundance of benches are located along the walkway in the shade of the bushes and trees; perfect for a romantic date or for a quick rest!

5. Try a Gastro Tour Seoul food tour!

Gastro Tour Seoul took the creation of Seoullo 7017 as an opportunity to create three, new food tours, each covering an area around the walkway. The neighborhoods covered on these tours are Namdaemun & Myeongdong, the unexplored Joongrimdong, and City Hall & Gwanghwamun.

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Veronica Kang