Five reasons to visit Taean!

Taean, to the west of Korea, is a lesser-known area of Korea’s fantastic coastline. But why should you add Taean to your Korea ‘To-Do’ list? Continue reading to find out!

1. Enjoy delicious fresh seafood!

On Korea’s beautiful Taean peninsula – which is famous for its fresh food – farms, mountains and the sea come together unforgettably. Harvests from the land and sea provide a bounty of fresh, varied seafood and top-quality vegetables. Many Korean chefs say these vegetables and seafood here are the highest quality in all of Korea. Korea foodies MUST try it for themselves!

2. Stroll around the stunning beaches

On the Taean peninsula you’ll have the option to choose from around thirty different beaches. On the rough seashores of Taean you will find some of Korea’s most romantic sunsets. Taean is not only known for its sea-views, but also for the impressive sand dunes, dramatic cliffs, and looming forests. It is truly a unique landscape!

3. Escape the busy city of Seoul

The noise, the chaos and the constant rushing of people in Seoul can be overwhelming sometimes. A quick getaway is sometimes just what one needs! Especially during summer, when the humidity can feel unbearable, a cool sea breeze and the calming sounds of the ocean are soothing for the soul. Taean is a good choice, as it’s at a perfect distance from Seoul – not too far, and yet far enough to feel like a little holiday!

4. Immerse yourself in traditional Korean culture

Jayeom salt is a certain kind of Korean salt with a modern-day significance to the Korean people. It has a history that many Koreans know very little about. The word ‘jayeom’ – which describes a method of salt farming unique to Korea’s west coast – is unknown even by most locals.

The jayeom method of salt farming is incredibly rare and complex, and has been passed down through generations of Koreans since the 18th century. It involves the boiling of salt water in beautifully built stone salt kilns, until a bright white and still-hot salt is produced. You can find out all about this fascinating cultural heritage in Taean.

5. Try a Gastro Tour Seoul food tour!

Our Tuscany of Korea: Disappearing Food Heritage, ‘Jayeom’ tour takes you out into the Taean Peninsula to visit farms, a local market, a stunning mudflat, and the fast-disappearing food heritage of traditional salt known as ‘Jayeom’, named by Slow Food as the ‘Ark of Taste’. This tour to the heartland of Korean cuisine includes lunch and an unbelievably fresh seafood dinner. It’s a cultural and culinary experience you’ll never forget.

Discover the places where passionate locals make the best Korean food – the way it’s been made for centuries – in the heart of Taean county!

Veronica Kang